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Meet Elder Torree Boyd

Elder Torree Boyd is a woman with a great testimony. Married at a young age and twice divorced, the mother, athlete, life coach, motivational speaker, and educator has been involved in ministry all her life and is an ordained evangelist who once co-pastored a church with her second husband. Described as a trendsetter and world changer, Torree was president of Priceless Gems, a women’s ministry where she facilitated summits to empower women to be who God created them to be and to walk in their destiny.



Ladies Living Single:

Ladies Living Single is a group where I coach ladies to learn who they are. To uplift, inspire, ignite, and unleash the power that is within them. Women learning to find their purpose as they live a single life while waiting on their mate.


Are you tired of being single?
Are you sitting depressed with nothing to do waiting on your mate?
Do you carry yourself as a single individual?
Are you still broken from previous or past relationships?
Do you have a Soul-Tie?
Need Coaching?